Speakend Playlist (9/23 – 9/26)

Final Results:

“April 27, 2004” by Green Paper (30)

“All Summer” by Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij, and Beth Cosentino (26)

“Clouds” by Dave Roberts (19)

“Parklife” by Blur (7)

“The Only One” by Manchester Orchestra (6)

“Bitch, Look At Me Now” by Childish Gambino (1)

Thanks to everyone who voted.  Green Paper is this weekend’s champion and its song “April 27, 2004” will remain in the rotation until dethroned by you.

Dave Roberts' "Who Is Dave Roberts? (Vol. 2) is dropping soon

Fair Haven, NJ native Dave Roberts is one of the brightest budding stars in the Garden State rap game.  Roberts’ brand of Indie-Rhyming is one that resembles Kid Cudi, and his talent is helping him construct a savage reputation in the Jersey underground.  Roberts’ nine-track mix tape is laid back, even soothing at some points, and works with themes the listener can relate to.  Like Cudi, Robert’s doesn’t allow his flow to paint himself an artificial personality.  He has problems just like the next guy and they come out his rhymes.  It’s Roberts’ honest writing that makes him appealing and he’s hooked me.

“Clouds” by Dave Roberts

Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend), Kid Cudi, and Beth Cosentino (Best Coast)

Speaking of Kid Cudi, this Summer he teamed up with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend to create one of the best tracks to leak out of the dog days, the little-known Converse release, “All Summer.”  These three giants of modern Indie Music have created the perfect song for those of you who want to punch Fall in the face, knocking it back into dormancy for a few more weeks.  “All Summer” was written by Batmanglij and features Cudi spitting nostalgic verses with lush imagery of Summer days and nights past, and a catchy bubble-gum pop chorus bred from the ghostly vocals of Cosentino.

“All Summer” by Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij, and Beth Cosentino


Before Damon Albarn grew Gorillaz into a living, breathing, traveling musical circus he fronted a semi-popular, London based, Indie four-piece called Blur.  The band is most popular for its ferocious, two-minute, 1997 stadium anthem “Song 2,” a track track that you may not know, but have definitely heard before.  You will not be listening to that song here.  Instead, I give you the band’s 1994 title-track “Parklife.”  I was recently reintroduced to this number by a friend and have been listening to it non-stop.  It features spoken word verses from British actor Phil Daniels,  a chorus from Albarn, and a simplistic guitar riff that marches the song towards its conclusion.  It’s the epitome of perfect pub music.

“Parklife” by Blur

Manchester Orchestra

Like many of us, Manchester Orchestra’s front-man Andy Hull was a tortured high a school student and became so fed up that he left his Christian academy, and constructed an album while finishing his schooling from home.  Two years later Hull recorded with the rest of Manchester Orchestra and released the band’s 2006 debut I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child with “Wolves At Night,” the lead single, earning a slot on the NHL 08′ videogame soundtrack.  In 2009 he band Atlanta quintet put out the followup effort Mean Everything To Nothing.  The opening salvo on this album is “The Only One,” where Hull voices his frustrations with religion, his upbringing, and his own existence.  It’s a great song.

“The Only One” by Manchester Orchestra

Green Paper (At TCNJ)

When Matt Huston and I discussed Green Paper he said they were like “Animal Collective the rock band,” and I totally agree.  The live show is spacey and fuzzy, but won’t hesitate to melt your face with a three-ponged guitar attack and angry spine snapping drum beats.  “April 27, 2004” won’t make you paralyzed as much as it will leave you mesmerized.  The song comes from Green Paper’s Bookends EP.  Currently, this five-piece is working on its full-length debut Fire, so look for it, but enjoy this cut in the meantime.

“April 27, 2004” by Green Paper

Donald Glover is many things, a young emerging television star for his role on Community, a candidate to play Peter Parker in the next Spiderman installment, one of the hottest budding comedians…did you know he was a savage rapper?  Childish Gambino is Glover’s stage-name and he dabbles in many different flows.  Nerd Rap, Rap-Rock, Comedic Rhyming, you name it he spits it, and this Indie renaissance star on the rise does it well.   On his latest 2010 EP I Am Just A Rapper, Glover raps over Neon Indian, Sleigh Bells, and Animal Collective to name a few.  Have a listen to my favorite track “Bitch, Look At Me Now” in which the beat was provided by Grizzly Bear.

“Bitch, Look At Me Now” by Childish Gambino

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