Speakend Playlist (9/30 – 10/3)

Final Results:

  1. “The Combination Is Explosive” by Tango Machina (27)
  2. “Try To Understand” (remix) by The Gay Blades (23)
  3. “Black Hole” by The New Volume (12)
  4. “April 27, 2004” by Green Paper (5)
  5. “I Cried Wolf” by Almost There (5)
  6. “Would You Be Impressed” by Streetlight Manifesto

Thanks to all who voted…”The Combination Is Explosive” will remain on next week’s playlist.

Green Paper

When Matt Huston and I discussed Green Paper he said they were like “Animal Collective the rock band,” and I totally agree.  The live show is spacey and fuzzy, but won’t hesitate to melt your face with a three-ponged guitar attack and angry spine snapping drum beats.  “April 27, 2004″ won’t make you paralyzed as much as it will leave you mesmerized.  The song comes from Green Paper’s Bookends EP.  Currently, this five-piece is working on its full-length debut Fire, so look for it, but enjoy this cut in the meantime.

“April 27, 2004″ by Green Paper

Damion DeStefano and Paul Caffrey of Tango Machina

Tango Machina is a hard rocking trio from Monroe with a Queens of the Stone Age type song writing style and a no bullshit attitude.  Where some bands will try to blind you from their sub-par tunes with bright lights and shoddy stage antics, Tango Machina will rip your eyes out with songs that cut to the bone.  “The Combination Is Explosive” is one of those tracks and a newly recorded version will be included on the band’s upcoming EP.  But for now…

“The Combination Is Explosive” by Tango Machina

Zach Sicherman and Phil Serzan of Almost There

Almost There amalgamates many different styles of Pop-Punk learned from many acts that have come before them, but ultimately, to me anyway, most resemble Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s post Blink-182 project +44, with a harder sound.  Essentially, if Blink and the Foo Fighters got hitched and conceived, nine months later their fist tossing offspring would be Almost There.  The band has just released a new EP called Silver Lake which can be purchased by contacting the Almost There on Facebook or Myspace.  “I Cried Wolf” is the opening cut off Silver Lake.

The New Volume

The New Volume is a brutal band of head bangers from Brick that emits instant energy from its amps and knows how to own a room.  The music is hard, heavy, and appealing with roots in Punk-Rock, Hard-Rock, and Metal music.  The New Volume has not yet released an album but you can hear some of the band’s music on Myspace including this track:

“Black Hole” by The New Volume

The Gay Blades

The Gay Blades are a Trash-Pop band that specializes in not having a specialty.  This group owns the ability to play a wide array of appetizing Rock N’ Roll music, all of it appealing to the senses.  The music is both tender and raucous, the sound can be hard and fast or slowed and acoustic, and the the writing is undeniably heartfelt…but nonsensical at times.  The Gay Blades are a walking contradiction that may or may not dabble in Voodoo and are only days away from releasing its sophomore effort Savages.  Since you’ve heard the album version of this next track on the blog before, here is a remix of The Gay Blades single off Savages, “Try To Understand,” by Dmerit.

“Try To Understand” by The Gay Blades (remixed by Dmerit)

Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto (Starland Ballroom)

Streetlight Manifesto is an underground Ska-Punk monster led by the Czechoslovakian born musical mastermind that is Tomas Kalnoky.  Kalnoky has a manic song writing style and is known for jamming as many syllables into a sentence as inhumanly possible.  Since its inception back in 2002, a couple of years after Tomas K’s messy breakup and departure from Catch 22 (Jamie Egan, and Mike Soprano also left with Kalnoky to join Streetlight) Streetlight Manifesto has released a cover of Keasby Nights, the famous Catch 22 release whose main song writer was Kalnoky, and 2010’s cover album 99 Songs of Revolution Vol. 1, as well as two-full length studio albums, Everything Goes Numb (2003) and Somewhere In The Between (2007) from which this next track was taken.

“Would You Be Impressed” by Streetlight Manifesto

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