Advertise w/SIMGE

If you operate a music venue or management organization, own a record label or promotions company, provide our artistic community with food in your eating establishment, equipment in your music shop, entertainment via your record store, it makes financial sense to advertise with Asbury Park’s premier music news outlet, and 2011 Asbury Music Awards Nominee, Speak Into My Good Eye.

Since finding its niche in February of 2011 and shining a spotlight on the happenings of Asbury Park’s burgeoning artistic community, Speak Into My Good Eye has garnered more than 100,000 individual page views.  That’s more than 200,000 eyeballs seeking information about what’s happening in our musical hub by the sea, and more importantly, where these events are taking place.

We live in a digital age where the printed page is perishing.  It’s a fact that overpriced ad space in newspapers and magazines isn’t providing you with the expected, and deserved, bang for your valued buck.  Readers, enthusiasts, and patrons need details fast, in one convenient and easy to navigate haven, and the floundering print media just doesn’t reach as many people as it has in the past.

What Speak Into My Good Eye offers is cost effective, full color, and completely customizable advertisements placed on the home page (accompanied by a smaller logo advertisement linked to your web site on the right side of the page) for mere pennies per page view (as low as one cent and not to exceed four cents).

For more information on how Speak Into My Good Eye can help you better reach out to the New Jersey music community, please contact the sole operator of this outlet, professional journalist at the Asbury Park Press, and contributor The Aquarian Weekly and Metromix Jersey Shore, Chris Rotolo, at:

Current Client List:
The Brighton Bar

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