Speakend Playlist (All Hallows Eve Weekend Edition)

Last week’s champion, Black Birds, and its song “Brightest Diamond”are not spooky, scary, or ghastly enough to make this weekend’s playlist.  But don’t fret, for “Brightest Diamond” will be back next week.  As you might have gathered from the title, this week’s list is dedicated to songs that bite, fight, and come for you in the night.  Enjoy the fright.


CKY, a.k.a Camp Kill Yourself, is a Metal band from West Chester P.A. linked to the video series of the same name run by Bam Margera.  The series of videos acted as the precursor to the world famous Jackass series and franchise, launching Bam into stardom via stupidity.  His brother Jess is the drummer for CKY and his attainment of fame is much more legitimate.  As well as having music featured on Jackass and all its spin offs, CKY hit the big time in 2004 when its single off Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild, “Escape From Hellview” was featured on the Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtrack.

“Escape From Hellview” by CKY

The Flaming Tsunamis

What can be said about The Flaming Tsunamis?  Well, the band is from New Haven, Connecticut and is composed of six insane individuals who may or my not be possessed by demons.  This collective fuses Punk, Ska, Acoustic tunes, screams from the depths of a condemned man’s soul, and great love of horror films to create songs like this next one about surviving a zombie apocalypse.  Take joy in the news reports while they last, because you’ll be fighting for your life the rest of the way.

“Refuse To Die” by The Flaming Tsunamis

Johnny Cash

This next track isn’t about an apocalypse of zombiac proportions, but, it was used in the opening credits of Zach Snyder’s Dawn Of The Dead remake in 2004.  It’s more about the Four Horsemen of the aforementioned apocalypse and their prophetic reign of terror on humanity during the end of days.  It’s truly a catchy song until it hits you that your singing about torture, death, and damnation.  Plus, Johnny Cash reads from The Bible, which is rather terrifying in that raspy, Southern, voice of God-type tone he speaks in.

“The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash

One of my favorite movie opening ever:

Billy Talent

This group of Canadian Punks have put out two of my favorite albums of all time, both self-titled, volumes 1 and 2.  I came across this band in high school when my friend Mike, always the renegade, talked the teacher into letting him play mix CD instead of Jock Jams. The first couple of tracks were pleasant classic rock songs to lull everyone to sleep, and suddenly, guitars ripped the gym in half.  Long story short, Volleyball was forever banned from the curriculum after that class period and I fell in love Billy Talent.  Her’s a song about Satan and what occurs when he sits in on a sermon.

“Devil In A Midnight Mass” by Billy Talent

Marilyn Manson

First of all, that photo is terrifying, and second, Marilyn Manson is the shit.  Lots of people choose to hate on this individual because of his image but fail to see just how important he is to our society.  Manson is Metal Demon and his larger than life personae allows him to say and do things that mere humans cannot.  His music is disturbing on many levels but it sheds light on an abundance of problems this world needs to stabilize.  Marilyn Manson is an American treasure and should be treated as such.  That being said, check out this cover he did of track from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s never sounded so frightening.

“This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson

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